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Have a Blessed & Happy Easter

  April 16, 2017 

 Welcome, Viewers & Friends & Owners:

We wish that everyone reading this has a Happy Healthy and blessed New Year. von BachHaus Kennel is very excited about 2017. We look forward to seeing everyone in April 8th at our first training class at our Corporate Facility in Raeford. We are excited that Master Trainer Carl Smith will be giving his expertise this Training Day.  

Michelle and Gentry will be giving personal tours on Saturday, April 8th, at 11:00 AM. Bring your questions and your appetite for KFC.

For those owners that have a purchased a von BachHaus Kennel German Shepherd, please consider breeding your 18 month or older female to one of our proven stud dogs.  

 The German Shepherd is the SECOND most intelligent and versatile Breed in the World next to the Border Collie. The German ShepherdSECOND most popular Breed in the World next to the Labrador Retriever.

von BachHaus Kennel German Shepherds

See the Available puppies page, Also Diamond & Sargent Litter . These puppies are growing fast and are ready for their forever homes.


von BachHaus Kennel’s mission is to breed only the finest adult German Shepherd dogs available. Whether you are looking for a show dog, breeding dog, working dog, or even a personal family companion, we have the perfect German Shepherd for you. Here at von BachHaus Kennel, when we mate a pair of German Shepherds, we look for the male that is sure to meet all of our standards and is a Titled Champion. We always use stud dogs that have earned a Championship title and also excel in IPO1 and Schutzhund Training.
We are licensed by the US Department of Agriculture von BachHaus Kennel German Shepherds
In a perfect world, every German Shepherd would have a good home and every home would have a German Shepherd.
Akita von Lotta as her son Constantine Attila von BachHaus

10173743_545207255600061_7818214985238398519_n   Unconditional Love       von BachHaus Kennel We have never had a so calledruntin any of our Litters.   We weigh each puppy daily from birth until they go to their forever home. In the event one of the litter mates lags behind, we supplement them several times a day with goat’s milk to maintain their weight and size.

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1621717_10153818588675230_674508494_nDetermination 1779945_621285207948569_2258417683079907357_n Great Hygiene 1913390_619748111435612_6558488847745003411_o


1325 Our females are also from championship German Lineage. All of our German Shepherds are bred with proper TemperamentDrive, Superior Health, Trainability and Intelligence in mind. Sam vom Schindergraben 3 We are also a breeder with sound health a primary factor in our breeding requirements. You can rest assured that you are getting one of the finest German Shepherds available when you get your puppy from  von BachHaus Kennel.    
von BachHaus Kennel German Shepherds

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