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In a perfect world, every German Shepherd would have a good home and every home would have a German Shepherd.

  Welcome, Viewers & Friends, from the Owner, Walt Sr.


The German Shepherd breed is the Second most popular dog in the United States, the Third most intelligent versatile dog in the World.


 German Shepherd Club of North Carolina


We are licensed by the US Department of Agriculture

             von BachHaus Kennel German Shepherd proud  Family Owner’s 

Walt Bach, Sr                Kelly Ann Bach            Walt Bach, Jr


My name is Walter Bach Sr and I am the president of Summerwood Farm NC, LLC  and the proud co-owner of von BachHaus Kennel German Shepherds, our Family owned and operated business.  Everything involved in raising these German Shepherd puppies to the highest quality available has increased $$ dramatically.

von BachHaus Kennel

We have never had a so calledruntin any of our Litters.   We weigh each puppy daily from birth until they go to their forever home. In the event one of the litter mates lags behind, we supplement them several times a day with goat’s milk to maintain their weight and size.

I respond to all e-mails and calls within twelve hours or less.

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It is my sincere hope that after reading the information provided in the various Links that you will find it helpful.  Should you ever have any questions, I am always available on my cell phone at: 910-916-9911 


We Breed High Quality German Shepherds at Affordable Prices. 

 Walt in the von BachHaus ATV used to exercise our German Shepherds













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Keen Eye sight


Sense of Humor




Great Hygiene


von BachHaus Kennel’s mission is to breed only the finest adult German Shepherd dogs available. Whether you are looking for a show dog, breeding dog, working dog, or even a personal family companion, we have the perfect German Shepherd for you.

Here at von BachHaus Kennel, when we mate a pair of German Shepherds, we look for the male that is sure to meet all of our standards and is a Titled Champion. We always use stud dogs that have earned a Championship title and also excel in IPO1 and Schutzhund Training.


Our females are also from championship German Lineage.

All of our German Shepherds are bred with proper TemperamentDrive,

Superior Health, Trainability and Intelligence in mind.

Sam vom Schindergraben 3

We are also a breeder with sound health a primary factor in our breeding requirements. You can rest assured that you are getting one of the finest German Shepherds available when you get your puppy from 

von BachHaus Kennel.  

Our 2014 von BachHaus Kennel Truck. 


Our one week old male Puppy Attila


Attila at seven weeks of age


Kindness Rather than Predator


Akita had a two week old litter of puppies.  We decided to bottle feed the puppies and allow Akita to feed the baby Doe

Akita & Lucy on the Deck

This is our female German Shepherd

SG Akita von Lotta SchH1

Akita is nursing a newborn doe in our home after a motorist had struck and killed the Mom on Highway 211 in RaefordWe brought the little buck home with us and Akita nursed & fed him for over a month.


At night he stayed in the field behind our house;

then in the morning Akita would go get the little buck

and he would stay in our back yard and follow Akita around.

The little Buck stayed for over three months until one

day some deer were out in the field

grazing and the little buck left with them.


Early on we named the doe Lucy until the little horns appeared.

Then we called him Lucky.


von BachHaus Kennel German Shepherds

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