Degenerative Myelopathy in Dogs

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Degenerative Myelopathy in Dogs

Is there a genetic test for DM?

You might be wondering if there’s a DNA test for the disease. A DNA test exists, available through the (OFA) Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, that can identify dogs who do not have the DM gene, as well as those who are carriers and those who are at much higher risk for developing DM. However, even dogs whose results show that they are at higher risk for developing DM may not develop the disease. In other words, the test does not actually diagnose DM.

Because there are so many false positives with with DM process we do not test our adults.


Revised 8/31/2020

Our Loving Parents

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July/August Memorandum from the Founder

Summerwood Farm NC, LLC

von BachHaus Kennel German shepherds

Well the summer is in full force with high temperatures and humidity that will impact your puppy/dogs over all health. Cool drinking water, plastic pool to cool off and shade are critical when outside.

Puppy/Dog training begins on Saturday July 11th at 11am and will continue every other Saturday through November weather permitting. We hope to see old and new faces at these training sessions.



May/June Memorandum from the Founder

Summerwood Farm NC, LLC

May and June are the two months that your German shepherd will be shedding a lot since they are losing their winter coat. It is advisable to brush your dog using a deshedding tool.

The tool that I have found that works the best to remove the excess coat (fur) is the FURminator:

FURminator Long Hair deShedding Edge For Dogs, Large


FURminator deShedding Tool for Large Dog 51-90 lbs with Long Hair - Pets Watch

This is the same tool we use on all of our puppies & dogs at all of our Breeding locations.

Whether your puppy/dog is stock, plush or long coat this is the preferred deshedding tool by owners and professional groomers.

During this period we recommend brushing your puppy/dog every day. We suggest brushing your puppy/dog at least once a week during this period. Grooming your puppy/dog is also a great time to bond.

I brush Waran at least four times a day during the shedding period. This me me a chance to talk to Waran and praise him for being such a good boy.

Your puppy/dog will thank you.


Revised 5/1/2020

Your Puppy Teething Gnawing & Biting

Summerwood Farm NC, LLC

In this Post I have defined a variety of reasons why puppies Teething, Gnawing & Bite.

There are a number of reasons puppies nip, bite, and chew. This behavior starts before puppies even leave the litter—as soon as they begin to develop teeth, they begin receiving feedback on their bite strength from their mothers and litter mates. With their litters, puppies learn that biting hard leads to loneliness or, worse, hunger! Bite a litter mate too hard in play? She’ll likely yelp and stop playing with you until you’ve reclaimed your wits. Bite Mom too hard while eating? You may wind up missing the snack bar as she walks away. Poor, lonely, biting puppies. That is, until they calm down. Then the play party is back on!

Puppies also bite and nip to learn the social mores of dog culture. Dogs don’t play with Legos, video games, and Barbie dolls; they chase, race, tackle, play face-bite games, pounce, tug, and wrestle. This play actually serves a more serious purpose, teaching the lessons that need to be learned so that a dog can survive in canine society. Dogs don’t communicate with verbal language; they communicate physically, through body language and contact. Because dogs don’t have “wars of words,” when the going gets tough, there is often a physical scuffle.

When well-socialized dogs find themselves in conflict, the interaction often looks very scary—teeth flashing, growling. More often than not, these interactions are brief, however, and both dogs walk away without injury. It’s a lot of bluster, but it is a highly ritualized display. If one or more of the dogs is under-socialized, though, the interaction pattern changes and a player is likely to get hurt.

While bite-inhibition training begins while a pup is with its litter, training must continue throughout the dog’s life, with special emphasis during puppy hood

We suggest pigs ears, nylabones, Kong puppy chew and squeaky toys

Cold carrots, while offering vitamins and minerals, may help relieve discomfort. …

Frozen fruit, such as strawberries or bits of banana. …

Wet a dishrag or towel, twist it into a rope-like shape and freeze.

Revised 4/26/2020

Owner Testimonials

Summerwood Farm NC, LLC
February 4, 2020
My name is Dale, I bought a German shepherd puppy from the Raeford Facility about 3 years ago. I just wanted to share a picture of my girl Ivy with you.
105 pounds of sweet loving GSD. 
Thank you Dale 
Thank you Dale for sharing your story and the beautiful picture of Ivy.
March 21, 2020
Happy One Year Old Birthday of Ryker – Parents are Taga & Amarillo
Thank you Ron 

Picks of the Litter

Summerwood Farm NC, LLC

There has been many questions regarding pick(s) of the Litter puppies. I can say first hand that there is more than having First, Second pick and so on  of the Litter puppy. For that is just a Number.

The most important thing is how you Raise (your) that puppy.

You have made a Monetary and Lifetime commitment when you purchase this puppy (from whatever breeder you have chosen).

What I can say with most certainty is once you are now the proud owner of a Male or Female puppy, the fun has just begun. They are not unlike  children (eager to learn eager to please). They like to be talked to, played with and love. They in return will be forever your very Best Friend. Loyal to a fault and non judgmental.

To maximize their Size, their Health and their Devotion is not rocket science. (please read the  Nutrition, Exercise, Affection & Grooming Post)

You and or Your Family should be committed to do the following:

Quality Nutrition

Lots of Bonding Daily Exercise

Plenty of Affection

Weekly Grooming

Yearly Wellness Exams

Interact with Other Dogs & People

No matter what number you are in your particular Litter your puppy will excel is all areas of its’ life by following the above proven Suggestions.

Should you have and Questions or Comments regarding this Post, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Walt Bach/Founder

Call or Text: 910 916 9911



Revised 1/19/2020

The German Shepherd Temperament

Summerwood Farm NC, LLC

von BachHaus Kennel German shepherds

This picture is of my female German shepherd Akita with a week old fawn.
It was at night and we were in my pickup truck headed to the store. The vehicle in front of me swerved but hit an adult doe. The vehicle drove off. I stopped in the middle of the road to see the doe on the side of the road apparently dead. Next to this doe I saw a young fawn laying next to the mom. Akita and I got out of the truck and processed to walk toward them. The fawn ran off in the woods. I send Akita after it. Akita held the fawn down while I caught up. I picked up the Fawn that was unharmed by the collision and put it in the truck. I brought the fawn back to the Farm. The fawn was given warm goats milk many times a day. Akita and the fawn were inseparable and Akita protected her new friend day and night. They would go for walks on the many of our trails. They both slept in the high grass in the field at night. After living on the Farm for four months and being weaned several deer walked toward the pond one night. This is when the urge to be with his own kind over ridge the love he had for Akita. It left and Akita barely ate that next week. Oh yeah, it was a buck with the cutest little horns. Akita is no longer with us and is buried on the Farm. When I see a big buck on the property I wonder if that could have been the fawn we saved.
This is another reason why German shepherds are the best over all dog in the World.
Their Compassion.
Hunting of any kind is not permitted on the Farm.
German Shepherd Dog Temperament Characteristics:














Not only does the German shepherd have a great Temperament but is the most versatile dog in the World. From a Seeing Eye Dog, Service Dog, Family Protection, Cadaver, Tracking, Drug, Bomb Enforcement, Search & Rescue and Military and Law Enforcement throughout the World.
The von BachHaus Family
Tina from Archdale, Sue from Alcolu, SC, Michelle from Randalman and Walt from Raeford
 Revised 1/7/2020

American Kennel Club Versus The German SV for Breeding Requirements

In this Post I would like to discus the difference between the rules governing breeding requirements to register a litter from The American Kennel Club and The German SV (The Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde).

The American Kennel Club

1. Both Parents Must be AKC registered to register the Litter.

2. At time of mating the Dam and Sire must be 11 months of age or older and be less than 8 years old.

An descended Sires testicle can still be register for that litter.

Any mating combination is permitted:  Father & Daughter, Brother and Sister, Mother and Son, etc.

OFA – Good Hips nor elbows evaluation are not required.

Heart worm test are not require.

Yearly wellness exam with inoculations are not required

The German SV (The Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde)

Both Parents must be Pink Papered Both Parents

Both Parents Must be at least two years of age at time of conception.

Both Parents must have a successfully achieved a show title. (G, SG, V or VA)

Both Parents must have successfully achieve a BH (Behavioral Training) & AD (Endurance Test).

Both Parents Must successfully receive a  KkL1 or KkL2 (Breed Survey).

All Males must have their testicles descended. If not he can never be bred.

Both Parents must be titled in IPO (Tracking, Obedience & Bite Work Protection).

Both Parents Must have GOOD hips & elbows with no dysplasia determined by the SV.

Both Parent Must have their DNA Certification.

Yearly blood test is required for heart worm.

In conclusion, Germany Breeders may purchase approximately (one) one percent of their import German shepherds from North America. Conversely, the North American Breeders purchase approximately (85) eighty-five percent of their foreign imports from Germany and the Czech Republic.

You can clearly see the advantage of purchasing a von BachHaus Kennel German shepherd puppy All of our planed liters are produced by one or both German import titled adult German Shepherds in our Kennel.

This is a clear reason why our von BachHaus Kennel litters are produced by one or both parents being direct imports from German or Czech Republic.

Should you have any comments rewarding this POST please contact me: 

Text or Call Walt Bach: 910-916-9911

The von BachHaus Family
Tina from Archdale, Sue from Alcolu, SC, Michelle from Randalman and Walt from Raeford


Revised 1/6/2020






Guarantee Sales & Health Guarantee 2020

Summerwood Farm NC, LLC

von BachHaus Kennel German Shepherds

Raeford, NC  York, SC  Randleman, NC & Alcolu, SC Breeding Kennels

Agreement is only for those puppies purchased from Sue, Michelle, Tina or Walt

Guarantee Health & Sales Agreement for 2020

Owner(s) Name & Address: _____________________________________________________

Phone:                                                            E-mail address:  

AKC Number: __ __________________ Male or Female: ______________

Microchip Number: _______________________ Puppy Price: $____________

           von BachHaus Kennel (Breeder) is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive Breeder’s Health & Sales Agreement on the market today. Prior to you receiving your puppy; he or she will be thoroughly examined (wellness exam) at 7 weeks of age by a licensed veterinarian at the Cypress lakes Animal Hospital or Southern Oaks Animal Hospital in Hope Mills. Puppies will be ready for their forever homes at eight weeks of age. (not before) 

You should take your puppy to your own licensed veterinarian within 7 days of receiving the puppy. In addition to an exam, a fresh stool sample should be taken for any signs of parasites. If the Veterinarian finds the puppy to be in less than Good Health, the puppy should be returned to the breeder as soon as possible at the buyer’s expense. Once the puppy is returned, we shall have our Veterinarian complete a wellness exam to verify those issues. At this point you have a choice of choosing another puppy of equal value or receive a complete refund within 30 days. If the new puppy owner chooses not to provide this High Standard of care, then this Health Guarantee becomes null and void.

          Our puppies are said to be in Good Health (to the best of our knowledge) at the time of sale.  The owner should continue any and all vaccinations due for their puppy plus provide monthly heart worm and flea and tick prevention at the age recommended by the Veterinarian. Continue three more sets of vaccinations and worming as indicated on the health records provided and are required for this Health Guarantee to remain in effect. If the new owner chooses not to provide this High Standard of care, then this Health Guarantee is null and void.

          The breeder guarantees that both ears will stand erect by the age of 7 months. If not, Breeder will pay to have Dr. Kent Dean DVM, Southern Oaks Animal Hospital in Hope Mills place a prosthetic wire in the ear which permits the ear to stand erect while the cartilage grows around the rod. Dr. Dean will first x-ray the ear to verify that the ear had not been previously damaged. If ear damage is evident, the breeder will not pay the cost of the ear surgery.

          Your puppy is guaranteed to pass the OFA Certification of Fair or better at 24 months of age. If the x-ray results from the OFA states there is moderate to severe dysplasa, and after receiving said documentation, the Breeder will refund the original price of your puppy and you retain ownership of the puppy. If the OFA exam is not completed by 28 months of age, then this guarantee becomes null and void. We advise that the puppy not be spayed or neutered before the age of 18 months. There are many studies that indicate spay or neuter prior to that age is detrimental to the German Shepherd which may cause increased incidence of hip dysplasia.  If the puppy is altered before 18 months your Guarantee becomes null in void.       

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At seven weeks of age, when the puppy goes home, both testicles may or may not be descended. For this reason and others; we do not guarantee that this puppy will reproduce. The Breeder will pay to have your puppy neutered if one or both testicles due not descend. This surgery will provided at Cypress Lakes Animal hospital or Southern Oaks Animal Hospital in Hope Mills once the puppy reaches the age of 18 months.

          If our or your veterinarian concludes the umbilical hernia requires surgery to repair, the Breeder will have the hernia repaired at Cypress Lakes Animal Hospital, Raeford Animal Hospital in Raeford, Southern Oaks Animal Hospital in Hope Mills or Long Leaf Animal Hospital in Southern Pines at no charge to the owner.         

          Within one year (364 days) from the date of sale of your puppy and for whatever reason that you wish to return the puppy to von BachHaus Kennel in Raeford. We will arrange to meet at one of our two veterinarian’s offices in Hope Mills for a complete wellness exam at the Owners Expense. Once your puppy has been medically cleared, we will assume care of the puppy, and von BachHaus Kennel will either refund 100% of the purchase price. This is providing that there is no permanent damage that will affect the puppies health (this is includes behavioral, emotional or physical damage.) 

          Deposits/down payments are completely Transferable or Refundable up until the time you receive your puppy which is around eight weeks of age.   

Owner(s) Signature: ____________________________________________ 

Date: ______________________________________ 

von BachHaus Kennel (Breeder):____________________________________    

Date: ______________________________________ 

Contact Information 

          Summerwood Farm NC, LLC/von Bachhaus Kennel Corporate Facility is located at: 

311 Summerwood Drive Raeford, North Carolina 28376. 

Walt Bach Founder & Owner Since 2007

Please Call or Text for Additional Information: 910 916 9911

E-mail address:

Call Toll Free: 1-877-230-2192 

Please contact us directly should you ever have any questions or comments regarding your von BachHaus Kennel puppy.

The von BachHaus Family

Tina from York SC  Sue from Alcolu, SC , Michelle from Randleman and Walt from Raeford, NC


Revised 1/6/2020