2020 NC State Licenses 8th Year in a Row

Summerwood Farm NC, LLC

von BachHaus Kennel German Shepherds

We look like to thank our exceptional Breeders and their highly trained Staff that made this honor possible

We are the ONLY German shepherd Breeder Licensed by the State of North Carolina for Selling and Boarding of German shepherds.

Summerwood Farm NC, LLC 

is very proud that for the EIGHT YEAR in a row we have satisfied the strictest requirements for obtaining these licenses. When considering your next German shepherd Kennel (puppy) you might want to ask breeder, if they are licenses by the State of North Carolina for Selling and Boarding The German shepherd. Why not!

Do these Breeders have a sterilized separate chain link fenced in area especially designed for new puppies or dogs entering the business known as a “The Quarantine Area” until a licensed Veterinarian can come out to preform a complete Wellness Exam, blood work, Inoculations and Fecal exam to determine that this puppy/dog is free of any transferal disease can be released into the the general population of their other puppies/dogs.

Better yet, you might ask why they are not!

The von BachHaus Breeding Business Family
Tina from Archdale Breeding Facility: 828 308 2586
Sue from Alcolu, SC Breeding Facility: 202 341 4501
Michelle from Randleman Breeding Facility: 336 964 0643
 Walt from Raeford Corporate Training Facility: 910 916 9911

Revised 4/22/2020

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