American Kennel Club Versus The German SV for Breeding Requirements

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In this Post I would like to discus the difference between the rules governing breeding requirements to register a litter from The American Kennel Club and The German SV (The Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde).

The American Kennel Club

1. Both Parents Must be AKC registered to register the Litter.

2. At time of mating the Dam and Sire must be 11 months of age or older and be less than 8 years old.

An descended Sires testicle can still be register for that litter.

Any mating combination is permitted:  Father & Daughter, Brother and Sister, Mother and Son, etc.

OFA – Good Hips nor elbows evaluation are not required.

Heart worm test are not require.

Yearly wellness exam with inoculations are not required

The German SV (The Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde)

Both Parents must be Pink Papered Both Parents

Both Parents Must be at least two years of age at time of conception.

Both Parents must have a successfully achieved a show title. (G, SG, V or VA)

Both Parents must have successfully achieve a BH (Behavioral Training) & AD (Endurance Test).

Both Parents Must successfully receive a  KkL1 or KkL2 (Breed Survey).

All Males must have their testicles descended. If not he can never be bred.

Both Parents must be titled in IPO (Tracking, Obedience & Bite Work Protection).

Both Parents Must have GOOD hips & elbows with no dysplasia determined by the SV.

Both Parent Must have their DNA Certification.

Yearly blood test is required for heart worm.

In conclusion, Germany Breeders may purchase approximately (one) one percent of their import German shepherds from North America. Conversely, the North American Breeders purchase approximately (85) eighty-five percent of their foreign imports from Germany and the Czech Republic.

You can clearly see the advantage of purchasing a von BachHaus Kennel German shepherd puppy All of our planed liters are produced by one or both German import titled adult German Shepherds in our Kennel.

This is a clear reason why our von BachHaus Kennel litters are produced by one or both parents being direct imports from German or Czech Republic.

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Revised 1/6/2020



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