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October Memorandum from the Founder


Summerwood Farm NC, LLC

von BachHaus Kennel German Shepherds Raeford, NC

Randalman Kennel German Shepherds Randalman, NC

K9 Kennel German Shepherds Vale, NC

 von ClarkHaus Kennel German Shepherds Alcolu, SC

Many months have passed since my last monthly Memorandum Post. Hopefully, there will many more of these to come with subjects of German Shepherds that are close to my heart.

This has been a brutally hot Summer for us and especially our puppies/dogs. Now that the cooler Fall weather is in sight it is time to have that Wellness Exam and vaccinations preformed by your veterinarian

Cooler weather means our puppy/dog will have greater appetite and more enjoyment playing outside.

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