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Hours of Operation:

Summerwood Farm NC, LLC

von BachHaus Kennels German Shepherds

We at Summerwood Farm welcome visitors to our Facility. We give tours and are proud to introduce you to our dogs.

We allow you to visit the puppies once they are three weeks of age. We do our very best to work with each and everyone of our visitors on a one to one basis. Therefore,  we have preferred hours that are listed below, and would appreciate a phone call to arrange a time to visit. This allows us to get our work complete and yet spend uninterrupted time with you the customer so that we can better understand your individual family and help you choose the right puppy. We will however, consider alternate visiting times upon request.

Phone calls are always welcome even outside business hours

Saturdays & Sundays: Open To Visitors – Appointments Preferred

Monday – Friday: Open for visitors stating at 2 PM Until 7 PM


 We love our German Shepherds