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Secure Puppy Play Area

Summerwood Farm NC, LLC

We are Proud long time members of  The United States Schutzhund of America

von BachHaus Kennel German shepherds

This 35 feet by 35 feet lies over a massive metal carport sitting og 6 inches of reinforced concrete, there are two adjustable ceiling fans with lights. There an eleven frost free water spigots through the Facility. This guarantees that fresh well water will be available no matter the weather condition or the freezing ground temperatures.  It also hold an 8 feet by 8 feet Heavy Duty 9 gauge dog lot panels for our new puppies or dogs that come to us from aboard that are held their for 28 days the the State Quarantine Health Regulations. 

Located under that roof is always fresh water and Taste of the Wild dry dog food, an igloo dog house for either cool or warm resting time with blanket. A stand up refrigerator a top freezer location assists sanitizing food and water bowls for each litter. We also provide Pepsi and Aquafina water to our quest.

A picnic table is provided to sit talk, view and interact with the puppies and dam.

I look forward to giving you a personal tour of our Corporate Facility any weekend. I just ask that you set up an appointment in the event that Waran is running the Property.

Contact Walt Bach Cell or Text: 910 916 9911

Herbert Lowry (Trainer) & Waran v.d. Feuersaule. IPO3. 2018 USCA Southeastern Region IPO Championship in Fayetteville, NC.