Summerwood Farm NC

Summerwood Farm NC, LLC

Veteran Operated Since 2007

von BachHaus Kennel German shepherds

Our Corporate Birthing, Training & Boarding Facility 

This is one of the oldest trees in Hoke County. Buried a foot under ground and using a metal detector a Civil War canon ball was discovered.

Our 2018 BMX Four Passenger Vehicle

Waran admiring his new Amish Birdhouse

Back Porch

von BachHaus Kennel “Club House”

V Waran von der Feuersaule, BH, AD, IPO3, Kkl1

Waran’s very own Fig tree. That boy loves Figs

Our 8′ X 10′ Doglots

Our Four 10’X10′ Kennels 

Agility Puppy/Dog Course


Puppy Secured Play Area

Our One Area Fenced in Training Field

Our Training Meeting and Lunch Area

The Office, Birthing Center & Play Area – Heated/Cooled

Office with Internet, Cameras & Security System

Full Bathroom with Shower

Washer & Dryer, Bathing Sink & Electric Stove

Puppy Birthing Area with Whelping box

Puppy Play Area & Visitor Lounge




Well House with two 250 Gallon Holding Tanks with a Backup Generator

40′ Travel Trailer – 2 bedroom – Sun Porch – For Visitor – No Charge